New year, new (and old) friends

After a quiet summer slumber, the Origo board is busy back at work. In the beginning of the new semester, there will be a bunch of events to welcome new students and welcome back old students at the university. Right now as well as tomorrow, yours truly is attending the Welcome Fair in the Language... Continue Reading →


Traditional Colombian rhythms in Helsinki

One of Origo's major spring events this year was a Spring Party with LIVE MUSIC from Colombia. The great party was co-hosted together with Setenta ry, the student organization for Ibero-Romance languages at the University of Helsinki. To find out more about the event and our Colombian guests, check out this bilingual report by Reetta... Continue Reading →

From pink to green

Last month Origo co-organized a Valentine’s day dinner party together with the archeology students’ organization Fibula. The event gathered a crowd of around 20 people, who periodically changed seats around the table in speed-dating style, getting to talk to many different people during the night. We don’t know if the game sparked any romances, but... Continue Reading →

A New Beginning

This year, the board members of the former Macondo, Alku, and Frontier student organizations have been busy working on a major change: the three organizations decided to unite forces in order to better serve the student body in the field of Area and Cultural Studies. With the different Area and Cultural Studies units getting smaller... Continue Reading →

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