A New Beginning


This year, the board members of the former Macondo, Alku, and Frontier student organizations have been busy working on a major change: the three organizations decided to unite forces in order to better serve the student body in the field of Area and Cultural Studies.

With the different Area and Cultural Studies units getting smaller and the university having restructured the degree program in the recent reformations, it simply made sense for our three small organizations to get together. Some other Area and Cultural Studies student organizations still also exist and serve the students of some specific units within the field. We look forward to working together with them!

The working title for our unification process has been ‘Uusi Alku’, Finnish for ‘New Beginning’, stemming from the Finnish name of the subject field (Alue ja kulttuuritutkimus). In the spirit of a new beginning, we finally decided to name the new organization Origo (lat. beginning, source).

So, what is Origo? Origo is a student organization for Area and Cultural Studies at the University of Helsinki, focusing mainly on North American Studies, Latin American Studies and European Studies.

What does Origo do? We will foster the academic and professional growth of our student body and promote the field by organizing different events related to the cultures and areas we represent. These events will include some completely new ideas by the new board as well as some of the old, familiar, beloved events traditionally organized by Macondo, Frontier, and Alku: Día de los Muertos, Thanksgiving dinner, and Food Carnival, for example, are all still going to be on the menu. We are also hoping to organize some excursions relevant to our members’ career plans. We will post the information about our events on our Facebook page as well as our email list as they come, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, the new board of Origo is finalizing all the necessary changes for the new organization to fully start working, such as rewriting our rules and designing our new logo. We have also started preparing our first event, fittingly celebrating cultural diversity by combining Día de los Muertos and Halloween into a day of fun on Friday, 3rd of November. See you all there!